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A bit about me, Annie Pots

Just a little bit about myself.  


I wanted to go to art college in the ‘60s but my parents thought that it was too hippy a lifestyle for me so I settled for engineering.  I still have regrets on the lack of art school but they were probably right in their choice. I would have made a good hippie but probably not made a good living.   


I have always loved art so the opportunity to carve out my niche in the design field finally came to fruition when I moved to the United States in 1987.  I have been producing quality custom soft furnishings through my company Creative Cotton Company for over thirty years. However, I really wanted the chance to make what I like with no restraints or ‘design parameters’.  AnniePots gives me that ability.  I hope you like the results and enjoy my custom ceramics.


My Bio

As well as the above I am an avid woodworker, gardener, painter and traveller.  My motto has always been ‘you never know what you can do unless you try’.  I never succeeded at golf so I crossed that off my list.  I thought I would try my hand at being a childrens storybook author for my grandchildren but I never quite got past the title page.  I may still have a go at it but my grandchildren are pretty grown up now so I may need a new audience.  I still dont think I will live long enough to get everything done on my list but I intend to try.  Thats the point right?  Always have something left to do.

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