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  • What makes the crafts unique and exclusive?
    Each item is handmade individually so although items may be similar they are not identical. Napkin rings are sold in matched pairs. Not identical but as similar as possible.
  • Are your crafts dishwasher safe?
    All of the kitchenware items are dishwasher safe. All glazes are food safe and dishwasher safe.
  • Is everything microwave safe?
    Crafts with no metal parts - YES the glazes are microwave safe. Crafts with no metal parts - Although the glazes are microwave safe, due to attached metal parts, please DO NOT put them in the microwave.
  • Will the metal parts last and stand up to use?
    I strive to find the best quality metal/stainless steel attachments for my kitchenware. There are cheaper parts out there but I prefer to use quality parts for a lasting product.
  • How do you protect your products for shipping?
    All items are packaged securely in a sturdy padded box for shipping. If you do receive something damaged please take note of the condition of the package, if the box is damaged the carrier has not handled the delivery appropriately.
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